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Melodivision Song Contest 1
Final date 8 May 2016
Host city Manchester UK.png United Kingdom
Broadcaster BBC
Entries 19
Aland Islands.png Aland Islands
Albania.png Albania
Australia.png Australia
Cyprus.png Cyprus
Denmark.png Denmark
Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands
France.png France
Israel.png Israel
Jamaica.png Jamaica
Latvia.png Latvia
Malta.png Malta
Norfolk Island.png Norfolk Island
Poland.png Poland
Spain.png Spain
Sweden.png Sweden
Turkey.png Turkey
Ukraine.png Ukraine
UK.png United Kingdom
USA.png United States
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points None
Winner Poland.png Poland
Melodivision Song Contest
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Melodivision Song Contest 1, often referred as Melodivision 1, was the debut edition of the Melodivision Song Contest. The edition was held in Manchester, United Kingdom. Nineteen countries participated in the first edition, all of them being debutants as it was the first edition. The winner of the first edition was Poland with the song "Heartbeat performed by Margaret, which scored 69 points, four points over the runner-up Spain. Australia, Aland Islands and Ukraine completed the top 5.


Grand Final

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
1 Cyprus.png Cyprus English Eleutheria Eleftheriou "Aphrodisiac" 17 28
2 Latvia.png Latvia English Aminata "Fighter" 7 41
3 Turkey.png Turkey Turkish Atiye "Abrakadabra" 9 35
4 Malta.png Malta English Gianluca Benzina "Tomorrow" 16 30
5 Jamaica.png Jamaica English Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved" 18 25
6 Australia.png Australia English Sia "Alive" 3 65
7 Israel.png Israel English Nofar Salman "Made Of Stars" 8 37
8 UK.png United Kingdom English Sigala "Easy Love" 10 34
9 Spain.png Spain Spanish Barei "Say Yay" 2 65
10 Denmark.png Denmark English Emmelie De Forest "What Are You Waiting For" 13 32
11 Norfolk Island.png Norfolk Island English Delta Goodrem "Wings" 11 33
12 Sweden.png Sweden English Ace Wilder "Don't Worry" 14 31
13 Aland Islands.png Aland Islands English Molly Sanden "Youniverse" 4 54
14 France.png France French Kenji Girac "Andalouse" 6 41
15 Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands English Graham Lucas "Mama Said" 12 33
16 USA.png United States English Dia ft. Lindsey "We Are Giants" 19 15
17 Ukraine.png Ukraine Ukranian VIA Gra "Peremeriye" 5 47
18 Poland.png Poland English Margaret "Heartbeat" 1 69
19 Albania.png Albania Albanian Era Istrefi "Bon Bon" 15 31

Other Countries

Afghanistan.png Afghanistan Due to an ongoing conflict within the country, Afghanistan was not able debut in the first edition of Melodivision, despite their wish. A statement has been issued saying that the country will not attempt a participation again until the conflict is resolved.
Armenia.png Armenia According to the rumors, Armenia would certainly take part in the first edition of Melodivision, but it has been proven wrong as the delegation didn't confirm their participation.
Greece.png Greece Greece was set to host the first Melodivision, however due to a low public interest and lack of support by the govornment, Greece decided not to take part in the contest, effectivelly canceling it's hosting right.
Serbia.png Serbia It was announced by the Serbian broadcaster that the country would debut in the first Melodivision, but the project was scrapped due to a lack of funding.
Vatican City.png Vatican City It has been rumored that the famous singer, and the winner of the Italian "The Voice", Sister Christian Scuccia would represent the country in the first Melodivision. However Christina confirmed that the information was false.