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Melodivision Song Contest 2
Final date 28 May 2016
Host city Warsaw Poland.png Poland
Broadcaster TVP
Entries 28
Belarus.png Belarus
Brazil.png Brazil
China.png China
Finland.png Finland
Greece.png Greece
Iceland.png Iceland
Indonesia.png Indonesia
Japan.png Japan
Jordan.png Jordan
Mexico.png Mexico
Morocco.png Morocco
Netherlands.png The Netherlands
Philippines.png Philippines
Romania.png Romania
Russia.png Russia
San Marino.png San Marino
Vatican City.png Vatican City
Albania.png Albania
Aland Islands.png Aland Islands
Israel.png Israel
Jamaica.png Jamaica
Latvia.png Latvia
Malta.png Malta
Norfolk Island.png Norfolk Island
USA.png United States
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points Philippines.png Philippines
Winner Spain.png Spain
Melodivision Song Contest
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Melodivision Song Contest 2, often referred as Melodivision 2, was the second edition of the Melodivision Song Contest. The edition was held in Warsaw, Poland. Twenty eight countries participated in the second edition, all of them being debutants as it was the first edition. The winner of the second edition was Spain with the song "Amanecer" performed by Edurne, which scored 122 points. 


Grand Final

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Romania.png Romania Mandinga "Zaleilah" 6 90
2 Indonesia.png Indonesia Anngun "A Nos Enfants" 20 28
3 UK.png United Kingdom Little Mix "Hair" 18 29
4 Russia.png Russia Sergey Lazarev "7 Wonders" 8 88
5 Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands Lucas Graham "7 Years" 13 69
6 Australia.png Australia Guy Sebastian "Like a Drum" 2 117
7 Philippines.png Philippines Vice Ganda "Wag Kang Pabebe" 28 0
8 Denmark.png Denmark Simone "Heart Shaped Hole" 5 95
9 Iceland.png Iceland Hera Bjork "Je Ne Sois Quoi" 12 78
10 Sweden.png Sweden Molly Sanden "Youniverse" 4 103
11 Greece.png Greece Helena Paparizou "Survivor" 10 83
12 Netherlands.png The Netherlands Ace Wilder "Wings To Fly" 27 10
13 Poland.png Poland Sarsa "Zapomnij Mi" 19 28
14 Spain.png Spain Edurne "Amanecer" 1 122
15 France.png France TWIN TWIN "Moustache" 21 27
16 Vatican City.png Vatican City Annalisa "Splende" 17 34
17 China.png China Princess Ai & A Lin "Wo Bu Li Kai" 23 24
18 Belarus.png Belarus MOT feat Byanka "Absoluto VSO" 24 24
19 Brazil.png Brazil Marina Elali "One Last Cry" 14 50
20 San Marino.png San Marino Valentina Monetta "Vola (Crisalide)" 22 26
21 Ukraine.png Ukraine Jamala "1944" 11 81
22 Morocco.png Morocco Loreen "We've Got the Power" 9 86
23 Japan.png Japan Hatsune Mikku "Ievan Polkka" 25 18
24 Mexico.png Mexico Mis Sentimientos feat Ximena Sarinana "Los Angeles Azules" 26 14
25 Cyprus.png Cyprus Ivi Adamou "La La Love" 3 107
26 Turkey.png Turkey Gulsen "Bangir Bangir" 16 44
27 Finland.png Finland Annica Milan & Kimmo Blom "Good Enough" 7 88
28 Jordan.png Jordan Calvin Harris feat Ayah Marar "Thinking About You" 15 47

Other Countries

Albania.png Albania After Era Istrefi came 15th in the first edition, Albania decided to withdraw to rethink their participation plans for the future
Argentina.png Argentina Even tho Argentina originally confirmed their participation for edition 2, their broadcasted decided to withdraw for no specified reason.
Greenland.png Greenland Greenland planned to participate in the 2nd edition of Melodivision, but due to lack of support from the Danish govornment, the country couldn't take part.
Israel.png Israel Israeli broadcaster decided to withdraw from Melodivision in edition 2. According to the news media, Israel withdrew so that it could focus it's resouces and funding into solving their conflict with the Palestinians.
Malta.png Malta Malta withdrew due to a lack of public interest.
Norfolk Island.png Norfolk Island The govornment of the Norfolk Island issued a statement where they confirmed that they will not be returning to Melodivision, until the voting system stops working against micronations.
USA.png United States As a sign of protest for coming last in the previous edition, United States decided to withdraw from edition 2.