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Melodivision Song Contest 3
Final date 3 June 2016
Host city Madrid Spain.png Spain
Broadcaster RTE
Entries 28
Andorra.png Andorra
Armenia.png Armenia
Belgium.png Belgium
Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
Canada.png Canada
Estonia.png Estonia
Germany.png Germany
Italy.png Italy
Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Moldova.png Moldova
Norway.png Norway
Puerto Rico.png Puerto Rico
Serbia.png Serbia
Latvia.png Latvia
USA.png United States
Belarus.png Belarus
Brazil.png Brazil
Cyprus.png Cyprus
Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands
Iceland.png Iceland
Japan.png Japan
Jordan.png Jordan
Morocco.png Morocco
Philippines.png Philippines
Romania.png Romania
Russia.png Russia
San Marino.png San Marino
Turkey.png Turkey
Ukraine.png Ukraine
Vatican City.png Vatican City
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
"Poli Genova"
Melodivision Song Contest
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Melodivision Song Contest 3, often referred as Melodivision 3, was the third edition of the Melodivision Song Contest. The edition was held in Madrid, Spain. Twenty eight countries participated in the third edition. The winner of the third edition was Bulgaria with the song "If Love Was A Crime" performed by Poli Genova, which scored 153 points. 


Grand Final

Table key
     Second Place
     Third Place
     Disqualified & deducted 50% of the points
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Sweden.png Sweden Swedish House Mafia "Don't You Worry Child" 2 95
2 Latvia.png Latvia Justs "Heartbeat" 10 64
3 Germany.png Germany Zedd feat Foxes "Clarity" 17 46
4 Canada.png Canada Shawn Mendes "Stitches" 21 35
5 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Poli Genova "If Love Was A Crime" 1 153
6 USA.png United States DNCE "Cake By The Ocean" 12 51
7 UK.png United Kingdom Adele "Send My Love" 13 50
8 Australia.png Australia Sia "Fire Meet Gasoline" 9 65
9 Spain.png Spain Pastora Soler "Quedate Conmigo" 22 34
10 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Ayumi "Hey-La" 18 43
11 Poland.png Poland Ewelina Lisowska "We Mgle" 27 6
12 Serbia.png Serbia Sanja Vučić "Goodbye" 3 94
13 China.png China G.E.M. "Heartbeat" 20 36
14 Belgium.png Belgium Loic Nottet "Rhytm Inside" 6 85
15 France.png France Magic System "Magic In The Air" 7 81
16 Netherlands.png The Netherlands Kensigtton "Riddles" 14 50
17 Andorra.png Andorra Barei "Who Plays The Drums" 23 33
18 Moldova.png Moldova Lidia Isaac "Falling Stars" 11 54
19 Puerto Rico.png Puerto Rico Melanie Martinez "Cry Baby" 24 27
20 Norway.png Norway Margaret Berger "Feed You My Love" 5 88
21 Mexico.png Mexico Thalia "Tiki Tiki Ta" 25 11
22 Estonia.png Estonia Kerli "Army Of Love" 28 2
23 Finland.png Finland Tuuli Okkonen "Don't Wake Me Up" 19 43
24 Armenia.png Armenia Iveta Mukuchyan "Lovewave" 8 76
25 Indonesia.png Indonesia Judika "Awaken Ini Cinta" 26 9
26 Italy.png Italy Il Volo "Grande Amore" 4 92
27 Denmark.png Denmark Lighthouse X "Hjertelost" 15 49
28 Greece.png Greece Playmen "Breakin' Me Up" 16 48

Other Countries

Brazil.png Brazil Brazil decided to withdraw from the edition 3 without specifying the reasons.
Greenland.png Greenland Just as in the last edition, Greenland planned to participate in the 3nd edition of Melodivision, but due to lack of support from the Danish govornment, the country couldn't take part.
Kosovo.png Kosovo On the 29th of May 2016, Kosovar govornment issued a statement saying that they would participate in the contest, with their selected enterant being Dua Lipa. On the 1st of June Serbia decided to take part in the third edition of the contest. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo's selfdeclared independence. As a protest sign of the Serbian participation, Kosovo decided not to debut in this edition of the contest.
Philippines.png Philippines As a sign of protest for coming last in the previous edition with 0 points, the Philippines decided to withdraw from the contest.
San Marino.png San Marino After Valentina Monetta came 22nd in the previous edition, San Marino decided to withdraw to rethink it's participating strategy and approach to the contest.
Ukraine.png Ukraine Ukraine withdrew after taking part in the previous edition due to a lack of funding from the govornment.
Vatican City.png Vatican City After competing in the previous edition, the Vatican City decided to withdraw to "Keep their focus on their holy mission, rather than participating in events"

The following countries withdrew without specifying the reasons for their withdrawal:
Belarus.png Belarus
Cyprus.png Cyprus
Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands
Iceland.png Iceland
Japan.png Japan
Jordan.png Jordan
Morocco.png Morocco
Romania.png Romania
Russia.png Russia
Turkey.png Turkey