Melodivision Song Contest 4
Final date 9 June 2016
Host city Sofia Bulgaria Bulgaria
Broadcaster BRT
Entries 30
North Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Georgia Georgia
Ireland Ireland
Kosovo Kosovo
Scotland Scotland
Aland Islands Aland Islands
Albania Albania
Japan Japan
Russia Russia
Ukraine Ukraine
Andorra Andorra
Canada Canada
China China
Finland Finland
Latvia Latvia
Moldova Moldova
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Spain Spain
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Bulgaria Bulgaria
"Poli Genova"
Melodivision Song Contest
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Melodivision Song Contest 4, often referred as Melodivision 4, was the fourth edition of Melodivision Song Contest. Thirty countries participated in the fourth edition. The winner of the fourth edition was Belgium with the song "What's The Pressure" performed by Laura Tessoro, which scored 120 points, nine points over the runner-up Sweden. Georgia, United States and Germany completed the top 5.


Grand Final

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Bulgaria Bulgaria Malina feat Azis "Nay Krasivata" 22 29
2 Belgium Belgium Laura Tesoro "What's The Pressure" 1 120
3 Mexico Mexico Anahi "Rumba" 29 4
4 Estonia Estonia Kerli "Walking On Air" 17 34
5 France France Amir "Oasis" 11 60
6 Albania Albania Arilena "Aeroplan" 19 31
7 Germany Germany Lena "Beat To My Melody" 5 80
8 Kosovo Kosovo Adrijan Bujupi & Dalool "Ng Jena Njo" 30 2
9 USA United States Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth "See You Again" 4 101
10 Netherlands The Netherlands Marco Borsato "Dichbij" 23 27
11 Norway Norway Mørland and Debrah Scarlett "A Monster Like Me" 7 78
12 Sweden Sweden Oscar Zia "Human" 2 111
13 UK United Kingdom Bastille "Things We Lost In The Fire" 20 31
14 Indonesia Indonesia The Temper Trap "Sweet Dispotition" 27 7
15 Ukraine Ukraine Zlata Ognyevich "Gravity" 15 54
16 Japan Japan Namie Amuro "Mint" 28 6
17 Georgia Georgia Tamta "Sagapao" 3 104
18 Italy Italy Laura Marano "Boombox" 6 78
19 Denmark Denmark Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" 8 73
20 Poland Poland Sarsa "Naucz Mne" 10 69
21 Russia Russia Sati Kazanova "Radost Privet" 21 29
22 Greece Greece Ilias Vrettos "Otan Mei Koitas" 12 60
23 Ireland Ireland Nicky Byrne "Sunlight" 25 17
24 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Zhanar Dugalova "Aita Bersin" 26 14
25 Armenia Armenia Sirusho "Mi Togh Indz Menak" 24 25
26 Serbia Serbia Sanja Vučić "Unconditional Love" 16 41
27 North Macedonia FYR Macedonia Kaliopi "Crno I Belo" 18 33
28 Scotland Scotland Elie Goulding "Outside" 13 60
29 Australia Australia Sia "Cheap Thrills" 9 70
30 Aland Islands Aland Islands Nick Jonas feat Tove Lo "Close" 14 55

Other Countries

Andorra Andorra After coming 22nd, Andorra withdrew to reconsider the future of the country in the contest
China China During the live show of the third edition, China censored a part of a song depicting something that goes against their tradition and beliefs (not specified by the Chinese broadcaster). As a responce, the MBU decided to not allow China to participate in the forth edition.
Moldova Moldova Moldova withdrew due to a lack of funding.
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Due to a lack of support from the United States, Puerto Rico was not allowed to compete.
San Marino San Marino San Marino originally intended to return to the contest in edition 4, but decided not to participate due to a lack of public interest.
Turkey Turkey An edition later, Turkey announced that similarly to China, they withdrew due to the "explicit" content provided in the show. "We cannot allow our children to watch these gays and trans bearded ladies." said president Erdogan. He also added:"Until the voting system is fixed we will not return."
Vatican City Vatican City

Rumors appeared that the Pope himself would represent the country in the contest, but those claims were proven fake when it was revealed that the Vatican City didn't confirm their participation in the edition 4.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe preconfirmed their participation in the fourth edition, but withdrew due to a lack of funding and interest in the project.

The following countries withdrew without specifying the reasons for their withdrawal:
Canada Canada
Finland Finland
Latvia Latvia
Spain Spain

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