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Melodivision Song Contest 5
Dreams Come True
Final date 28th June 2016
Host city Brussels Belgium.png Belgium
Broadcaster VRT
Entries 28
Colombia.png Colombia
Croatia.png Croatia
Ethiopia.png Ethiopia
South Africa.png South Africa
South Korea.png South Korea
Wales.png Wales
China.png China
Finland.png Finland
Latvia.png Latvia
Malta.png Malta
Romania.png Romania
Spain.png Spain
Aland Islands.png Aland Islands
Armenia.png Armenia
Australia.png Australia
Denmark.png Denmark
North Macedonia.png FYR Macedonia
Italy.png Italy
Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Kosovo.png Kosovo
Norway.png Norway
Mexico.png Mexico
Scotland.png Scotland
Serbia.png Serbia
Sweden.png Sweden
Ukraine.png Ukraine
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points None
Winner Greece.png Greece
"Secret Combination"
Melodivision Song Contest
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Melodivision Song Contest 5, often referred as Melodivision 5, was the 5th edition of the Melodivision Song Contest. The edition was held in Thessaloniki, Greece. 28 countries participated. The winner of the 5th edition was Greece with the song "Secret Combination" performed by Kalomoira, which scored 118 points.


Grand Final

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Russia.png Russia Sergey Lazarev "Eto Vse Ona" 6 88
2 China.png China Jess Lee "Snowstorm" 26 15
3 Latvia.png Latvia Aminata "Love Injected" 4 100
4 France.png France David Guetta "Lovers On The Sun" 3 106
5 Romania.png Romania Elena "Autograf" 21 40
6 Colombia.png Colombia Rihanna & Shakira "Can't Remember To Forget You" 8 82
7 South Korea.png South Korea Sunmi "24 Hours" 25 17
8 Croatia.png Croatia Luminize "Kill It With Love" 24 23
9 Japan.png Japan U'S "Love Live" 28 11
10 Belgium.png Belgium Natalia "Boom" 22 31
11 Malta.png Malta Ira Losco "Walk On Water" 10 73
12 Albania.png Albania Geazy & Bebe Rexha "Me, Myself and I" 17 53
13 Georgia.png Georgia Tamta "Unloved" 2 107
14 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Poli Genova "Na Inat" 7 86
15 USA.png United States Hadley "Gypsy Heart" 15 61
16 Netherlands.png The Netherlands Waylon "Grasping Song" 27 15
17 Greece.png Greece Kalomira "Secret Combination" 1 118
18 Ireland.png Ireland Kodaline & Kygo "Raging" 13 65
19 Germany.png Germany Lena "Satellite" 5 89
20 Indonesia.png Indonesia Jessica Mauboy "This Ain't Love" 20 41
21 Finland.png Finland Zara Larsson "This One's For You" 9 81
22 Estonia.png Estonia Tanja "Amazing" 14 61
23 UK.png United Kingdom Audra Mae "Addicted To You" 12 68
24 Poland.png Poland Michal Szpzak "Colors Of Your Life" 11 71
25 Ethiopia.png Ethiopia Weeknd "This One's For You" 19 46
26 Spain.png Spain Enrique Eglesias "Duele El Corazion" 18 48
27 South Africa.png South Africa Troye Sivan "Youth" 23 30
28 Wales.png Wales Foxes "Let Go For Tonight" 16 56

Other Countries

Aland Islands.png Aland Islands After it was revealed that Sweden would be withdrawing, Aland Islands lost their funding for the possible participation in the fifth edition.
Denmark.png Denmark Denmark withdrew due to a lack of funding.
Kosovo.png Kosovo After a MBU meeting, Kosovar and Serbian delegations got into an argument about their future in the Melodivision. As both delegations demanded for the other to withdraw, the argument resulted in both delegations being suspended for one edition.
Serbia.png Serbia
Mexico.png Mexico Mexico withdrew after a scandal within the country's broadcaster, when the director of the broadcasting station was discovered to be a drug dealer.
Scotland.png Scotland After losing support from the govornment of the United Kingdom, Scotland was forcefully withdrawn.
Ukraine.png Ukraine Due to a political instability within the country, Ukraine decided to withdraw.

The following countries withdrew without specifying the reasons for their withdrawal:
Armenia.png Armenia
Australia.png Australia
North Macedonia.png FYR Macedonia
Italy.png Italy
Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Norway.png Norway
Sweden.png Sweden